Sunday, 25 August 2013

My digital week... 25/8/13

The best of the last week's clicks and downloads

Clicked... on a tweet about One Direction. (First time for everything.) And was rewarded by this genius London underground poster (above). To quote at least half a dozen people smarter than me, "the men don't know but the little girls understand." Read... An amazing letter by actor Mark Ruffalo about his mother's illegal abortion when she was young. It was written in support of a pro-choice rally outside Mississippi's last remaining abortion clinic. You can read it hereClicked... on This Charming Charlie, a genius tumblr combining The Smiths and Peanuts cartoon. I mean, why wouldn't you? Read...  a fascinating piece from WSJ about how ethical fashion is back in fashion. Hot on the heels of a news story about the epic losses being incurred by the godmother of ethical labels, Ali Hewson's Edun.  Clicked... On @Glossedover's brilliant Vogue live blog. For over ten hours she page-by-page blogged all 902 pages of US Vogue's September issue, so you don't have to at  (Guess how many hours before she hit some editorial?!) 

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