Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Marant takes a bow after her SS13 show

Last week, it was all over for French women. OK, so they might be thin and chic but, according to economist Claudia Senik, we should get over our girl crush on all things gallic because - guess what? - they are Not Happy. "The fact of living in France reduces by 20% the probability of declaring oneself very happy." (And you'd rather be happy than thin and chic right? Right?)

But it doesn't seem like French designer Isabel Marant got the memo. Talking to WSJ, the Wall Street Journal magazine, at the weekend, the woman whose clothes everyone wants to wear and most of the high street tries to *cough* emulate, seemed pretty happy to me. And thin. And chic. And... Anyway, here's her mantra.

1. Don't bother with make up, Do go grey ish. "I think sometimes I should dye it. And then I say, No, Isabel. That's how it is. Don't worry, that's life."

2. Don't be too perfect. "I cannot refrain from doing things that are not good for me."

3. But don't be too blasé about how effortless it all is. "But I'm working on myself"

4. It's not bum or face, it's bum or lungs. "I quit smoking for a year, and I gained 10 was breaking my brain."

5. Adopt alternative calorie-burning techniques by rolling your own. "This takes time. Instead of smoking a pack a day, I smoke four cigarettes. I spend less and smoke less.'

6. Be your own best ad. "You should never ask anyone to wear anything you wouldn't wear yourself. I always wear my own clothes...I get a good discount."

7. Don't try too hard. "I don't dress up every day. I wear a sweatshirt and a trouser like most people. I look like a delivery guy...I'm not this fashion goddess... when people meet me they think this cannot be her, because I look like a bum."

8. Know your own mind. "It's rare that something I really love doesn't sell....With the sneakers, I knew it was something... I can feel it when I do something right...during my entire career I've done maybe five pieces like this."

The ubiquitous wedge trainer

9. Have an inclusive concept of family. "We do Christmas with all three wives of my father, even after he died. They are all my mothers."

10. Know when to switch off - literally.  (The cabin/place in the country she shares with accessories designer Jerome Dreyfuss has no water or electricity.) "If you have a nice house outside Paris you have to fix the heater or the roof is broken. I don't need that... On weekends I want to empty my head and be surrounded by green nature and breathe."

Girl crush in tact.

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