Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Today I clicked, read, downloaded... 27/8/13

Clicked... on a link entitled Kate Middleton reemerges in breton stripes, already skinnier than you. Yes, I hate myself too. And, no, I'm not linking to it here. You know where the sidebar of shame is just as well as I do. Read... this feature nosing around writers' rooms in T magazine. Strangely, mine looks nothing like this. Clicked... on this picture (above) of All Saints' icon leather jacket. More than once. If there's one thing my wardrobe doesn't need it's another leather jacket... Downloaded... a torrent of abuse on the #AskJamieOliver hashtag on twitter following Jamie (Ratner) Oliver's ill-advised diss of poor people with large TVs who don't know how to cook Spaghetti Pomodoro ("I meet people who say, "You don't understand what it's like." I just want to hug them and teleport them to the Sicilian street cleaner who has 25 mussels, 10 cherry tomatoes, and a packet of spaghetti for 60 pence and knocks out the most amazing pasta.") and was deeply grateful not to be his publicist, his publisher or his TV producer.

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  1. Oh that leather jacket is so ooh la la! Ahh yes visions of a tense publicist trying to count sheepish sheep tonight #eeek ps Ratner eh? Did not know