Thursday, 22 August 2013

Today I read, clicked, watched... 22/8/13

Backstage at Whistles AW13 show

Clicked... On Whistles' just-dropped AW13 limited edition runway collection. I could definitely be swayed by the khaki patent leather skirt. Read... Grace Dent's column in the Independent about 70s dad vs noughties dad. You always knew where you were with 70s dad - even if you were lucky if he could tell the difference between you and the kid next door... Clicked... On @Glossedover's brilliant Vogue live blog. Today she's been page-by-page blogging all 902 pages of US Vogue's September issue, so you don't have to at Last time I looked she was still going. (Guess how many hours before she hit some editorial?!) Downloaded... Malcolm (Tipping Point) Gladwell's New Yorker piece on  the 10,000 hour principle. The bad news? It holds true. The difference between being ok and good and good and brilliant? Lots and lots of practice. Did not watch... Celebrity Big Brother - no need, twitter watched it for me.

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