Saturday, 24 August 2013

Today I read, watched, clicked... 24/8/13

Read... Sali Hughes Guardian interview with Robyn Lawley: food writer, Vogue cover star, UK size 16 model on a mission to makeover the catwalk. Watched... Nigel Kennedy's Proms performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons with the Palestine Strings on iPlayer. Don't be put off if you 'don't do classical', nor do I. Mind, blown. Followed... news of arrests following the Mumbai gang rape of a 22-year-old intern at an English magazine in the city, six months after the fatal assault on a 23-year-old in Delhi. Downloaded... the fashion issue of the New York Times' T magazine. It's not easy nailing an ed's letter, but love Deborah Needleman's about the power of the physical object, in this case, books. Clicked... On Pinterest, the ante-twitter, and wasted way too much time pinning pictures of clothes, cats and places I won't be visiting any time soon. You can follow me on

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