Friday, 16 August 2013


Saturday nights in August you used to be able to rely on a round of repeats, game shows and more repeats as TV schedulers tried to avoid wasting good drama budgets on the saddos who weren't spending the school holidays lying on a beach. Not this year. No, this summer we have been treated to Jane Campion's Twin Peaks-esque (but no Agent Cooper and no coffee) Top of the Lake, where you can watch Elisabeth (Peggy from Mad Men) Moss act a self-flagellating Peter Mullan and Holly Hunter off the screen with her low-key performance; the undeniably Scandi-inspired Southcliffe - a little bit Hungerford, a little bit Seascale, a lot Broadchurch and almost too grim to watch; and The Mill, which is a bleak historical drama too far for me. Everyone's got a pain threshold and The Mill is mine. Pick your personal pain level and tune-in.

How depressed do you want to be this weekend?

A perfect storm of depressed and disturbed:

Watch the final episode of Top of the Lake at 9pm Saturday night, BBC2.

Pretty much convinced that life is joyless and futile:

Southcliffe, 9pm Sunday night, C4

Depressed but strangely grateful:

The Mill, 8pm Sunday night C4

Other failsafe ways to erode your faith in human nature, that you might have missed, now available in box set...  

The Bridge, The Returned, The Fall, The Killing, Broadchurch

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