Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Fashion Director Nicola Rose wearing her trusty Church's' brogues in Milan a year ago.

They're comfortable, you can walk in them and - what's this - they're 'in fashion', too? Must be some mistake surely? But no, the front row have spoken. Apparently. (Although, it has to be said, if Milan is anything to go by, visual evidence is somewhat lacking.) Fashion assistants have always worn flats (of course, they have to walk places) but in all things footwear, it's the front row that counts, since they allegedly have drivers and therefore are at liberty to wear whatever the hell they want on their feet without having to lug around the ubiquitous 'walking shoes' in their extra large totes. (For the Frow-ers without drivers - or who had one but lost him, don't ask - that spare pair of shoes always comes in handy...) Or maybe, it's more that when a trend reaches the front row you know it's properly taken hold.

Whichever, flats, which have officially been 'back' for a couple of years ever since the trusty brogue put in a showing, are now officially, officially back. Here's the good news for your feet:

Pointy flats (not round-toed, pointy)

Bayswater leather pointy ballet flats, £89, Jigsaw

Old School Trainers

New Balance 410, £60, from Size?

Slippers are here to stay

The Darby suede loafer, £150, from J Crew

Biker boots, the chunkier the better

The oddly named Carvela sausage boot, £150, from asos

This year's brogue

The Grosvenor monkstrap, £175, from Russell & Bromley.

Inspired by Celine...

The Londres slip on by KG Kurt Geiger, £85

Ballet flat with a twist

See by Chloe Studded Ballerinas, €229 from PerfectlyBasics.

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