Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Today I clicked, downloaded, read... 3/9/13

Clicked... on pictures of Kate Bosworth's wedding - sold to Martha Stewart Weddings. Yes, I judged her. I still looked. Downloaded... today's Woman's Hour podcast featuring one of my favourite books of the year, the sleeper hit The Silent Wife . Read... The new issue of Harpers Bazaar UK. It's conceivable it might have a feature in it by me about growing up ginger. That makes me *and* Damian Lewis. Strangely, though, he made coverline... Read... The Assads: The Family From Hell, Roger Boyes' thought-provoking piece on Asma Assad in today's Times. Shame about that paywall. Clicked... and signed Telegraph Woman's petition for Better Sex Education in schools. Sign here. Clicked... and accidentally bought, these.

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