Thursday, 5 September 2013

Today I clicked, read, downloaded... 5/9/13

Cicked... and clicked and clicked again on this utterly compulsive weightloss gif on Jezebel. Nearly 24 hours later I still. can't. stop. watching. Read... this brilliant piece on Salon about how not to be terrible when you're talking about rape. Clue: it's not a million miles away from just behaving like a decent person. Clicked... on this bad-but-I-want-one hashtag necklace after being alerted to it by Lauren Laverne on twitter. Yours for £48 of your English pounds. How can you resist? Picked... five books worth looking out for this autumn, and blogged about them for Bazaar On BooksClicked... on a very cute but probably way too short Zara mini and had to remind myself that, you know, probably not.


  1. Love the Zara skirt, feel the same! I have a hashtag earring from Wendy Brandes it looks fab. I only wear the one x

  2. I don't believe in dressing age appropriately but... too old, right?

  3. Ok, seen it in the 'flesh'. It us VERY short....