Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Today I clicked, read, downloaded... 4/9/13

Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry

Read... Allan Ahlberg's enchanting memoir, The Bucket: Memories of an Inattentive Childhood, published tomorrow by Viking. Downloaded... Business of Fashion's inspiring interview with Burberry powerhouse Angela Ahrendts. Read... several pieces about police referrals of domestic violence cases to the CPS dropping by 11% (or 20% depending whose figures you believe), while reported cases increased by approximately 10%. And got cross. Watched... Celebrity masterchef. Hooked. Go Janet! Read... Lucy Sweet's column on Me Time in the new issue of Libertine. "Everyone who uses the phrase Me Time should be killed and made into sausages." One day, people, one day, those of us without a Y-chromosome will be allowed to spend time on our own without lighting a scented candle...

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