Wednesday, 4 September 2013


The queen (a woman with no need to carry a handbag at all) loves hers. Margaret Thatcher couldn't be parted from hers. And this season there's hardly a designer on the planet who hasn't fallen for them. Miuccia Prada - the godmother of the granny bag - has been cleaning up for nearly a decade but now McQueen, Fendi, Mulberry, Vuitton have all thrown in their ladylike lot with Her Maj. Even Givenchy. I know! Givenchy, rock chic home of Ricardo Tisci, beloved of granny-with-edge Carine Roitfeld, is flogging a £1000+ granny bag. I bet you the last pair of Jimmy Choos that were bestowed on me as a magazine editor that Roitfeld would not be seen dead carrying one.

So if even owning a granny bag would make you feel - and probably look - like your granny, here are some other styles to carry.

The Duffle

Autograph duffle, £89,

The Shopper


The Bowling Bag

Joanie, Navy or Black, £235,

The Satchel

Classic satchel, £99,

The bag every other celeb is carrying that isn't a granny bag

Saint Laurent classic duffle, from £680 for the teeny version, this one is *cough* a lot more,

The clutch

Triple zip clutch in brown or black, £79,

Or make like Carine and don't carry one at all. But for that you need a driver and a car to leave all your stuff in...

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